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Modbury Caring


We want to continue transporting patients to the doctor and hospital and provide a befriending service for needy people in our area.

Total received £1,351.31

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About the Project

We operate in a rural community with very limited public transport. There is a large elderly population, many without cars/unable to drive, and we enable these people to keep health-related appointments, whether at the health centre or hospital. We provide a befriending service, where people on their own, often house-bound, are visited on a regular basis. Our drivers and befrienders are all volunteers; if the charity did not exist, it would cause grave hardship to needy, often elderly, people.

Modbury Caring website

About the Charity

Modbury Caring provides transport for patients attending Modbury Health Centre or hospital. The patients are those unable to drive and for whom there is no public transport, and who would otherwise be unable to attend their health-related appointments. The charity also provides a befriending service, where those on their own and often unable to get out receive a periodic visit from someone they can trust. All drivers and befrienders are DBS-checked. The charity covers the same area as the Health Centre. There is no charge for using Modbury Caring's services; the charity relies on donations, fund raising events and grants from well-wishers.