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Education & Skills

We want to provide learning and leisure opportunities for people with a learning difficulty living in LLantwit Major and Western Vale.

Total received £2,723.54

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About the Project

It is important that our group are part of their local community. As such they utilise local community facilities, take part in local events and are seen to be actively contributing to the well-being of their local community and environment. We are the only provider of such a service in the area and in the past people with a disability were transported out of their home communities to access facilities in Barry. We believe this to be detrimental to the well being of the individual who does not get the chance to use their own facilities and the community as a whole who fail to benefit from the social integration a that this use can bring to local organisations. We are applying for funding to ensure that this provision remains in LLantwit and to seek to increase it to 5 days a week.

ValePlus website

About the Charity

ValePlus is a registered charity, established in 2002 to meet the ongoing learning and leisure needs of people with a learning disability after they leave full time education. Based in Barry and LLantwit Major, this application is focused on the work we do at our outreach service in Llantwit. We operate from the Guide Hall and provide a three day a week service which provides a programme of learning activities which are accredited and lead to certification at at the end of the course. At the moment our courses also involve enhancing key living skills to promote living as independent a lifestyle as possible. Examples of such courses could be Personal Safety, Meal Preparation and Cooking and Money.