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Medlar with Wesham Old Folks Christmas Party Committee

Social Inclusion

We wish to continue each year to provide this annual event for as many of Wesham's Senior Citizens as possible.

Total received £1,989.86

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About the Project

The benefit is that it reaches out to the older residents (those 60+ years) of our Community. This has been in place for many years and it is or aim to continue for as long as possible. By catering ourselves we reduce the costs significantly. However, costs are increasing annually and any help with funding would be most appreciated. This year (and the number vary) we catered for around 100 senior citizens who gave us feedback that they really enjoyed the event. It also involved the children from our two local primary schools so the Community inclusion was beneficial to the schools. I regret I do not have an image to send because I commenced this application after the party and did not realise I would need one !

About the Charity

The organisation has been in place since 1976 its aim being to provide an annual party at Christmas time for the benefit of the residents of Wesham from the age of 60 plus. The event is usually held just after Christmas and it caters for around 100 guests. The evening consists of food and entertainment. The local primary school children take part as well as a professional entertainer. We self cater to keep the costs down. We receive occasional donations and hold a raffle during the event to raise money. MANY raffle prizes are donated by the local community. The intention is to give the older residents of Wesham a good night especially those who may live alone or who may not be able to afford similar events. NB There is NO CHARGE made to any of the guests.