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North Highland Radio

Community Development

We wish to purchase new digital equipment to give community groups the opportunity to broadcast remotely and provide outside broadcasts.

£885.85 raised so far

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About the Project

We have a wide-reaching audience from within the UK & across the world, giving our tag-line "To The North & Beyond" real gravitas, with the influence being on local. Many ex pats tune in at all hours to keep connectivity with the area. As well as many people who live on their own, we are their only link to local groups and news. More work has to be done and we are actively seeking Presenters to build our daytime shows, including engaging with the local communities, businesses and new teams to present. We are also engaged with Charitable Partners to work alongside the Radio Charity arm. We are currently engaged with the Shirley project and in discussion how we can assist people that need to rebuild their lives back into the community and we are exploring this through the radio station.

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About the Charity

The Board of Directors are pressing for the opportunity to be given a FM / DAB Community licence and they have the support of Scottish and Westminster MP's, taking the case to Ofcom. We are aiming to be a full-time “local” radio station ASAP. The station is run by a team of some 20 volunteers who give over 4000 hours per annum to work on and broadcast shows. The key objective of the radio station is to always “stay” local, promoting local artistes, charities, organisations, businesses and events. Keeping the Highlands firmly on the map. At this current moment, the peak airtime is between the hours of 5pm and 10pm (Monday to Friday), due to this being based on the majority of live shows aired, with the weekend also a peak time. We are creating jobs through the development of NHR.