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The Ways & Means Trust

Community Development

Money will be put towards ongoing site improvements at Greenshoots: new growing areas, a wildlife pond and improved pathways.

Total received £2,471.31

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About the Project

Improved walkways will make more of the site accessible to everyone, including wheelchair users and those with mobility issues. The wildlife pond will attract more insects, bees & birds to the site, providing training opportunities for our beneficiaries and local scout groups, children's nurseries and schools and will also be helping the environment. Our onsite bees, living in bee hives, should benefit from the added pollen & hopefully produce more honey too! Our beneficiaries will help with the improvements, alongside volunteers, community placements from local businesses and adults attending our service for work experience. With increased growing areas, we will grow more produce to sell to local businesses and members of the public.

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About the Charity

The Ways & Means Trust, which includes Greenshoots, its horticultural therapy gardening site, works with some 60+ adults each week, who have learning, physical or mental health disabilities. The Charity provides training, socialisation and work experience opportunities in a friendly, person-centred setting to help them to lead rewarding lives, realise their potential and to build their confidence. It engages with community groups and employers to educate on disability and to value inclusion and independence. The Charity is 100% self funded, receives no government grants and all donated money is used to maintain the service to its beneficiaries.