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Friends of Tarlair Community Group

Mental wellbeing

We would like to provide a community space where people can come together to talk and engage with others and to participate in creative activities for casual learning or to gather useful life skills.

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About this cause

We are renovating the Pavilion Block of the Tarlair Lido in Macduff for community use. The workshop and community space will be used to enhance wellbeing by offering an education and arts and crafts facility for everyone, but particularly to invite those who perhaps did not link with traditional learning where we can provide a link to skills to build confidence which can be taken into the world of work. A free working space will be offered for casual social gatherings to help combat loneliness and join in activities. To provide a realistic offer of working materials, a variety of materials will be sought to match the skills of local volunteers. These would include paints, dyes, felting materials, printing press, printing blocks, wood and a variety of paper.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Our project will provide a much-needed facility where people of all ages can gather and participate in activities at a time when the natural ability to socialise is being eroded through loss of local shops and the paying-by-card culture which has even taken away the chat-over-the-counter interaction. The provision of multiple activities in small social groups will provide facilities for a variety of age and interests groups. Our small friendly workshop has been designed for the purpose, and will be light, airy, well ventilated and cosy. Although some groups may want to establish a paying concern, our mission is to provide a range of opportunities without charge for two-hour sessions twice a week.