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Sunflowers Wales

Mental wellbeing

We aim to foster community connection and enhance mental wellbeing by running Taste of Ukraine events, offering a rich cultural experience through authentic food, performances and engaging activities.

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About this cause

We help Ukrainians in Ukraine and Wales. We aim to bring together Ukrainians who have arrived in Wales and help them integrate into the local community while maintaining connections with their homeland. We promote Ukrainian culture, heritage and history. We act as a liaison between Ukrainians and the Welsh community. We regularly organise and participate in social and fundraising events, and offer dance and art classes for Ukrainians in Wales. Our social media chats unite over 300 Ukrainian families, and our Facebook group has over 1,500 members. We regularly send shipments of selected humanitarian aid and medical supplies to Ukraine. We support Ukrainians affected by Russia’s invasion, and raise awareness of the current situation in Ukraine.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Our project aims to bring people from different cultures together, promote understanding and improve mental wellbeing in the community. Through our Taste of Ukraine events, we aim to give Welsh people the chance to experience Ukrainian culture in a fun and immersive way. By trying delicious Ukrainian food, enjoying captivating performances and participating in exciting activities, attendees will learn more about Ukraine and connect with Ukrainian community members. These events will break down barriers and create a more inclusive society where everyone feels welcome. At the heart of our project is the belief that appreciating different cultures can have a positive impact. We wish to create an environment that encourages making connections, forming friendships and celebrating diversity.