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Manx BirdLife

Biodiversity and climate change

At our Point of Ayre nature reserve, we wish to build a nest wall that gives a safe and secure breeding place to more than 50 pairs of Sand Martin, a scarce and declining summer visitor to the Island.

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About this cause

Manx BirdLife is a conservation charity based in the Isle of Man working to protect the Island's wild birds and the habitats on which they depend. Through research, advocacy, education and nature reserve management, our goal is to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy and cherish the Island's diverse natural heritage of birds and other wildlife. Put simply, we aspire to create a better Island for birds and people.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Nature is our life support system and a wonderful healer. Yet nature is in trouble. The Sand Martin – smaller cousin of our more familiar Swallow – is a prime example of a species in decline. Building a Sand Martin nesting wall at the new Manx BirdLife Point of Ayre National Reserve will help this vulnerable bird. The wall will be built next to the reserve’s main track where this charismatic aerial acrobat can be seen and enjoyed at close range hawking for insects. As this new Sand Martin colony grows, it will provide pleasure and learning for all ages. Observing their remarkable agility and grace will foster environmental engagement and education, citizen science, and provide mental stimulation and reinvigoration. The joy of these birds will be a boost for nature and our community.