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YMCA Thames Gateway

Young people

We would like young people in our youth clubs to have the opportunity to make a difference within their community through positive social action.

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About this cause

We provide a wide array of community-based activities and services to help meet local needs wherever we are based. We focus on young people and help them play an active and fulfilling role within their communities. We provide youth clubs, schools mentoring projects and go out in the community to meet young people. We would like to ensure that everyone, regardless of their current position in life, is able to belong, contribute and thrive within their community. We build these foundations through a youth-minded community approach within our accommodation, family & youth work, health & wellbeing, training & education and support & advice services.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

This funding will give young people the chance to deliver a social action project within their local community. It will allow them to discuss what really matters to them as a group in the present time, the issues affecting them, and find a project to help combat this for themselves, their friends and their peers. It will give them a voice, allow them to express their feelings and be supported by our team to discuss their findings with local councillors and others who may be able to help them make a difference. We will help them find a project that will have a legacy effect for young people in years to come.