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Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue


This year, we want to train, qualify and provide kit for 20 new highly skilled search technicians.

Total received £1,318.20

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About the Project

Each search technician costs us as a charity £300 to initially train, qualify and provide essential personal kit and protective equipment to so that they can enter the difficult environments that we as a search team are required to enter. Each technician follows nationally recognised standards and training program before they can actively be part of the search team. This will also in turn give opportunity to 20 members of the community to train & make a difference. We receive no pay to do what we do and this initial training can save many people over the years that the training and kit will last for. Having our service available to the local Constabulary is invaluable to the community as a whole but more often than not goes unrecognised and often while the rest of the world is safe at home

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About the Charity

Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue is a totally voluntary charity which covers the whole of Cambridgeshire supporting the local Constabulary free of charge in the search and rescue of high risk vulnerable persons. We are a highly trained specialist search asset available 24 hours a day 365 days and nights a year. This is our tenth year of operation and over this time we have saved numerous lives and the harder side of our work have bought closure to families by located their loved ones. This year we are hoping to train and qualify 20 new Search technicians which will ensure that our effectiveness at this terrible time of need is as efficient and effective as possible which will give the maximum change to saving lives and getting the help and support that these high risk people require.