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Friends of Winslow School

Mental wellbeing

We would like the children aged 4–11 to have playground equipment, such as balls and hula hoops, to enjoy outdoor activities at playtime, creating positive mental wellbeing into adulthood.

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About this cause

We are a group of parents and teachers who help to raise funds for Winslow C of E School. We have helped to change the school dinners to a better company, replaced vital IT equipment to enrich the children's learning journey and donated to the library for essential new books. Since Covid and the start of the cost-of-living crisis, it has become harder to raise funds. The wider community of Winslow helped us last year with our AR programme (reading app), and we hope they can help with raising funds for playground equipment.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Our project will continue the love of outdoor play to help with children's mental wellbeing into adulthood. During the cost-of-living crisis this will help to create an environment in school of fun and laughter, as well as teambuilding, which, when they go out to the wider community, will have been instilled from school at a young age. The focus is on keeping moving for health and wellbeing. A positive memory of this will always be with them. School is sometimes the only fun that some children have, especially vulnerable children and children on the poverty line. A large proportion of our 375 pupils is living on the poverty line or just above. This project will help those children to enjoy activities on the playground and improve their mental wellbeing.