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Supporters of Oughtibridge School

Mental wellbeing

Supporters of Oughtibridge School would like to raise money for a new outdoor play area and climbing frame for pupils at the school.

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About this cause

SOS are a group of volunteer parents that comes together to raise money for the children of Oughtibridge Primary School. Each year we aim to raise £8,000 to support enhanced educational resources and activities that are not government funded. We make fundraising fun and warmly welcome new members (who become new friends) all year round into the committee group. Our Charity Commission statement is to support Oughtibridge Primary School pupils with the provision of outside/inside play items and extra books, and other items to support the curriculum.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Our project will support young people at Oughtibridge Primary School and provide them with an engaging play area that has a proven number of benefits for their mental wellbeing. Playgrounds have been proven to: encourage physical exercise and health through running, climbing, jumping and more; improve social interaction and peer relationships through communication, cooperation, sharing and problem-solving; improve emotional expression and regulation through exploring different feelings, imaginative role-play and experimenting with various social scenarios; encourage creativity and imagination through activities that stimulate cognitive development and problem-solving skills; and improve stress relief and mindfulness by providing a break from academic pressures.