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Salisbury Arts Centre

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We need equipment to broadcast live events to those who cannot visit us in person due to illness, rural isolation or caring for others.

Total received £2,315.88

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About the Project

We want to purchase POBIT broadcasting equipment - see - so we can broadcast live events to people who are unable to attend the Arts Centre. We want to do this ready for our Family and Disability Arts Festivals in Autumn 2017. We work hard to ensure our events are accessible. However we know that there are people in Salisbury - and beyond - who would like to come to events but can't. E.g: - people who are in hospital or residential care; - families with babies or children who can't afford the extra cost of a babysitter; - people who are caring for a family member / friend; - people who can't travel to us due to lack of public transport The POBIT will broadcast professional and amateur performances live direct to TV, phone, tablet and laptop screens so everyone can watch.

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About the Charity

Salisbury Arts Centre is a multi-disciplinary arts organisation – a meeting place for art forms, artists and audiences. Our mission is to surprise, challenge and include people in thought-provoking creative experiences. We want everyone to have access to exciting cultural opportunities and we prioritise work for young people, children and families and disabled people. In 2015/16 over 30,000 people attended events, many of which were low cost or free. We also run participatory workshops e.g. Zone Club - a film-makers club for people with Learning Disabilities. We are at the heart of the St Edmunds area of Salisbury and we work closely with our neighbours and local community groups to ensure that the Arts Centre remains relevant, valued and well used.