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Prickles in a Pickle

Biodiversity and climate change

We wish to train 35 volunteers on our First Aid, Care & Rehabilitation of Hedgehogs course, costing £80pp. This will ensure best care for the Hedgehogs, while volunteers will receive a qualification.

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About this cause

We take in more than 1,200 hedgehogs a year and we cover the entire area of the South Hams plus Plymouth, Saltash and Teignmouth. Hedgehogs will be brought to us sick and injured, and we nurse them back to health ready for release to the wild where possible. We also carry out extensive educational programmes with communities like WI and primary schools, with approximately 35 volunteers at the hospital and 25 in the transport group. Our goal is to help prevent the decline of the hedgehog, educate the public on looking after our nature and wildlife, and to engage with as many groups as we can about how to make their gardens hedgehog and wildlife friendly.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

This project will enable our volunteers to gain a qualification in animal care which they can use in any future animal related jobs, and will also ensure the best care can be given to the hedgehogs. Our charity connects daily with the public and many communities; we are well respected and very well supported both locally and in the wider area. Our education programmes encourage the public to make their gardens more hedgehog friendly, which in turn makes them ambassadors of nature. We also teach people to connect with nature through their gardens, which often leads to improved wellbeing while benefiting the endangered hedgehogs. Many people who find a sick hedgehog will then ask to volunteer with us.