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Mind in West Essex


We want to produce mental well-being packs, available to the public at Co-op food stores and funeral homes.

Total received £4,899.00

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About the Project

The project benefits the community by making relevant, accessible information and products that relate to good mental health available to the public. This will benefit the community by: .Normalising the issue of mental health for all rather than just for people with a diagnosed illness .Providing people with ideas & tools to help them understand the effects that stress & anxiety can have on their bodies .Suggesting practical things that people & the people they live with can do to look after their mental health .Providing the above right in the heart of the community, in a non mental health setting - this is an essential element to the success of this project. Any members of the community can benefit from it and it will involve mind staff in production and Co-op branches to display.

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About the Charity

We support people across West Essex who are affected by mental ill health to make positive changes in their lives and to improve their emotional resilience. We strive to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with our organisation, experiences us as an organisation that is welcoming, open to feedback and change, inclusive, informed, responsive and effective. It is our hope that everyone who receives a service from us is helped to move forwards on their journey towards mental well being, and that they will have skills and techniques to help them to deal with future issues. We offer a number of community based services, these include counselling, peer support, befriending, practical community support and mental health awareness and emotional resilience training.