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Gateshead FC Community Foundation

Young people

Our aim is to set up a youth project in Bensham & Saltwell to support young people in need and to help them better their community through social inclusion, fun activities and educational projects.

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About this cause

We work in the heart of the community to provide support to vulnerable residents and to those most in need throughout the boroughs of Gateshead. Statistically, 36% of Gateshead children live in poverty. Our aim is to inspire aspirations in marginalised and disadvantaged young people through free, fun, and meaningful outreach activities such as sports, mental health awareness, arts and crafts, cookery, life skills, cultural outings and community projects. We work with stroke survivors to provide low-impact walking football sessions and Age UK’s Bereavement and Social Isolation groups to provide fun social activities and outings. We are proud of our association with Gateshead Food Bank and support their regular food drives across the boroughs.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

We currently provide free youth outreach football and sports sessions to the underprivileged community of Bensham & Saltwell. These sessions are attended by up to 35 people aged 10-18 on a weekly basis. Many of our young people come from low-income families and deal with unimaginable issues that no child should have to face, therefore they come to us for respite and support. As the only regular youth provision in the community, with your support, we would like to extend and develop these sessions to include qualified mental health and educational support, fun inclusive activities, life skills and social awareness, outings and meals, all in the hope that we can inspire aspirations and improve lives. We are a safe space to help young people reach their full potential.