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Headway Surrey

Mental wellbeing

We wish to continue running our day centre for brain injury survivors in Guildford, reducing the social isolation and loneliness of a life changed instantly due to an accident, illness or incident.

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About this cause

Our goal is to support any adult in Surrey who has survived a brain injury. One in three adults in the UK will sustain a brain injury in their lifetime, but as every injury is different, trying to understand this complex condition can be confusing for both the survivor and their loved ones. Supporting 90 adults each week, we are the primary provider of specialist rehabilitative support for brain injury survivors and their families in Surrey, as they slowly come to terms with a new way of life, changed in an instant due to an illness or accident. We strive to alleviate the isolation, loneliness and uncertainty of life after brain injury by providing practical help, brain injury rehabilitation programmes, carer support, social reintegration, community outreach and respite care.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Our project will continue to support vulnerable adults from across Surrey who have survived a brain injury. A brain injury can lead to physical, emotional, psychological and practical problems. In an instant, career prospects, relationships, goals and ambitions may change. A person may experience brain fog and memory problems, be unable to show emotion or feel a lack of motivation and instigation. Our day centre builds confidence in survivors by enabling them to take small steps in their recovery, helping with communication and social skills. One of our members said: “You’ve educated me about problems and their potential consequences.” Our centre also reduces isolation, giving brain injury survivors the opportunity to meet one another and feel less alone talking with people who understand.