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Making homes for wildlife


We want to create a range of natural habitats for a wide variety of local wildlife including butterflies, hedgehogs, birds and frogs.

Total received £2,800.15

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About the Project

We want to create and enhance habitats for wildlife. Bees, butterflies, hedgehogs, birds and frogs will all be enticed to take up residence in new natural surroundings. We already work with local groups and schools developing and managing green spaces, woodlands, food growing areas and community gardens but many of these lack the additional wildlife habitats vital for our native species to thrive. We will run training and activity sessions on habitat creation including creating wildflower meadows and bog gardens; planting hedgerows, fruit bushes and heritage orchards; building bug hotels, bird boxes, feeders and habitat piles. The outcomes will be more homes for nature in the area and local people gaining skills in creating wildlife habitats and in identifying the species that use them.

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About the Charity

The PROSPECTS Foundation is an environmental charity in the Borough of Hyndburn in East Lancashire. We work with local communities to identify and achieve environmental improvements across the Borough. We believe that a green environment and active participation contributes positively to health and wellbeing, reduces social isolation, increases skills and confidence and engenders a sense of belonging and community spirit. We carry out work under six key themes which underpin everything we do – improving biodiversity; promoting energy conservation; encouraging greater use of sustainable transport; reducing waste & encouraging recycling; promoting the growing of local food; and raising awareness of local and global environmental issues.