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FAB (Future Action Biggleswade)

Biodiversity and climate change

We would like funding to help with the hiring of stalls/venues, equipment for outside events, promotional materials, and cultivating existing land to prepare for our community garden.

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About this cause

We are a group that cares about social and environmental justice and wishes to help people 'Think Local' and 'Think As You Shop'. There are three issues about which we campaign: Thinking about people – fairness in trade and good neighbours; Thinking environmentally – for a plastic-free Biggleswade and eco-education; Thinking local – buy local and grow local.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Our Think Local project will make a difference to Biggleswade in three ways: Buy Local – we will hold public events to showcase local producers; Grow Local – we will create a community garden to grow food and involve children through local schools; Protect Local – we will encourage businesses to become plastic-free to protect our environment, and arrange events to clean up our local area.