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Friends of St Joseph's Park

Biodiversity and climate change

We'd like to buy fruit trees to plant an orchard, wild flowers and bulbs. We also seek gardening equipment to maintain the site throughout the year, and a notice board to explain park goings on.

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About this cause

We're a group wanting to improve this well-used park by planting a fruit orchard, wild flowers and bulbs; in turn increasing the biodiversity for insects and animals that visit and live in the park. Our aim is helping to reverse the climate emergency and improving the park for the many people who use it for commuting, exercise, and relaxing in this safe and beautiful environment.

Friends of St Joseph's Park website

How this cause brings people in the community together

St. Joseph's Park (locally known as the ziz zag path) is one of the main gateways in/out of Penarth. The path through the park is used constantly during the day as people commute to work, shop, dine and drink in the marina, exercise (by hill running, cycling and skate boarding) or take a break to admire the views from the numerous benches over to Cardiff and surrounding hills as the sunsets.