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Foundation for Change.

Social Inclusion

Help Foundation for Change raise funds to support people with histories of drug and alcohol misuse to change their lives through education

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About the Project

The NEXT Project is our flagship project that supports people in the local community to make long-lasting and meaningful changes to their lives. Over the 10 week course, participants are taught psychological theory and encouraged to apply it, which expands their understanding of themselves, and the social context in which they live. They complete coursework that leads to a recognized qualification - for many, their very first - and move on to an optional six month voluntary placement in the community once the course has finished. NEXT runs four intakes a year. Funds raised will contribute towards paying for participants to gain their qualifications.

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About the Charity

Foundation for Change exists to bring about social change through education on social and psychological theory. We are based in East London and work with people from Hackney and surrounding boroughs. Our aim is to tackle social exclusion and enable people from disadvantaged backgrounds who have experienced significant difficulties with drugs or alcohol to participate fully in society. We change lives by helping people to understand behavioral patterns (such as using substances to manage feelings) and gain an understanding of the roots of their behavior and find ways to make positive changes. Our approach provides a sustainable solution to the revolving door syndrome that can result in people frequently presenting across many different health services, putting a strain on the NHS.