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Forest School Seedlings

Education & Skills

We want to bring the benefits of nature into the lives of more local children and families by developing our Seedlings project.

Total received £5,624.01

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About this cause

Forest School SNPT has been providing inspiring approaches to outdoor learning and play since 2001. We train others in how to use these approaches through a wide range of courses and deliver projects to children and young people of all abilities. We work across the areas of Swansea Neath and Port Talbot. We aim to promote the building of self-confidence and self-esteem of children and young people, to promote learning and play, and to improve health and well-being through the provision of an active physical outdoor experience. We also aim to raise awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of the natural environment. We work primarily with children and young people. They come from all walks of life, including children from deprived areas and young people suffering disadvantage.

How this cause brings people in the community together

For the past 5 years Forest School SNPT has been successfully running an innovative 'nature' parent and toddler group on Gower known as Seedlings. We are currently running two days with more than 40 children and their adults. Seedlings creates a space for community members to engage with their local woodlands and reap the rewards of connecting with the outdoors. The atmosphere of co-operation at our sessions, with staff, volunteers, parents and children working together as a team, makes a perfect environment for children to explore and learn. They gain confidence through play, risk-taking and challenge, making independent discoveries and developing creativity. Parents gain new experiences and insights watching their children grow and develop in a magical outdoor setting.