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Dunfermline Advocacy


We want to support more vulnerable people in West Fife by matching people with a volunteer Citizen Advocate.

Total received £1,835.85

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About this cause

Through Citizen Advocacy vulnerable people's voices are heard, protecting and safeguarding their rights while building sustainable friendships, networks and links in the communities of West Fife. Our Work is: 1. with people who have disabilities (physical and learning), chronic health conditions and mental health issues. 2. matching people in West Fife with a local volunteer Citizen Advocate. The work we do changes lives: 1. People are more involved in decisions about their lives 2. People are more confident about voicing their opinions 3. People's health & Wellbeing is sustained or improved 4. People are less socially isolated 5. Citizen Advocates are skilled, knowledgeable & well prepared 6. The community has increased awareness of Advocacy & the rights & needs of vulnerable people

How this cause brings people in the community together

Dunfermline Advocacy support more than 100 vulnerable people in the communities of West Fife each year- and we want to support even more people next year. We work with people who have a disability, chronic illness, autism, dementia, mental illness, learning disability or personality disorder. They all need help to speak up and safeguard their rights. We work across West Fife to recruit local people who volunteer as Citizen Advocates. Our volunteers are trained and supported by our small dedicated Staff Team who raise awareness of the rights and needs of vulnerable people in the community. People spend time together building a trusting friendship- and in this friendship tackle the issues that are important to each individual person in need, providing support to have a voice.