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Centre 70 Counselling

Social Inclusion

We'd like to offer a bursary/free counselling to members of the local community on low incomes and experiencing multiple disadvantages.

Total received £1,510.62

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About the Project

We provide a professional and confidential service to the local community at a reasonable cost, offering weekly counselling for up to a year, delivered by a team of professionally supervised volunteers. In 2010, the Index of Multiple Deprivation placed Lambeth as the 5th most deprived borough in London and 4th in England, with high levels of social exclusion and health inequalities. 70% of our clients are on benefits/low incomes, with an increasing number of people unable to pay our minimum fee of £10. Offering a bursary will help to remove financial barriers to accessing the service, promoting social inclusion and equality of opportunity. Counselling aims to promote physical and mental well-being by reducing levels of anxiety and depression and promoting self resilience.

Centre 70 Counselling website

About the Charity

Centre 70 Counselling was established in 1987 and is an organisational member of British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, providing professional and confidential counselling to the local community at an affordable cost. We offer integrative holistic counselling on a range of emotional and psychological issues including: bereavement, depression, effects of domestic and sexual abuse, family and relationship issues, drug or alcohol misuse, unemployment and debt. In 2015 we provided 1,487 counselling sessions. Our service users' ratings of the service averaged 93%, 100% recommending the service to others. Our CORE client outcome data shows that people’s well-being increased an average of 42% after using the counselling service, with a 40% reduction in symptoms.