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Shropshire RCC Hearing Loss Support


Help pay for expenses for the volunteers who provide practical help to hearing aid wearers.

Total received £1,849.12

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About this cause

Shropshire Rural Communities Charity (RCC) has been established for over 55 years for the benefit of people in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. We have a strong track record for delivering a wide range of quality services and local projects including community oil buying, Wheels to work, community and rural development, sight and hearing loss support and healthy lifestyle events for older people. The Hearing Loss Support Service in Telford and Wrekin is a preventative service improving quality of life for people with hearing loss and their family carers. We provide peer support, practical and educative hearing aid advice and repairs, help to live more independently, information and signposting. We are a care pathway for SATH Audiology who are the sole AQP provider of NHS hearing aids.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

The service provides vital support to people with a hearing loss in Telford and Wrekin. Most of the people we support are also facing mobility, memory, sight loss or dexterity issues. Some are also facing transport and care challenges, loneliness and isolation. Our volunteers enhance quality of life by providing peer support, reassurance and encouragement that hearing aid users need to persevere with their aids. This in turn enables them to be less socially isolated, engage in conversation and activity, increase their confidence and independence and help to prevent depression and dementia as well as the cost of other long term health conditions. Nearly 90% of our volunteers are hearing aid wearers and the service is accessible via clinics and care homes using existing community resources.