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Time Out

Young People

We would like to take local disadvantaged children and young people on two residential trips to the countryside for a new experience.

Total received £5,605.93

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About the Project

The project will work with local disadvantaged young people aged 12-24 who will participate in residentials aimed at building team and leadership skills through various activities. Organised in partnership with young people, London Youth and Copenhagen Youth Project (CYP) they will also provide a platform for them to bond and grow whilst working towards leadership skills accreditation. They will experience success in a different environment, helping to build resilience, self esteem and self belief. By giving them the perception of a 'fresh start' this will encourage them into positive behaviour when they return home into their community. This project will also educate them on planning and organising their own trips. They will also learn skills on team work and budgeting.

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About the Charity

The Copenhagen Youth Project (CYP) is a local, independent, voluntary organisation that spans the largely social housing neighbourhoods to northwest and north east of Kings Cross. It emerged 15 years ago as a grass roots local effort to tackle problems faced and expressed by young people. Its most distinctive feature is that it is very much a network of children and young people aged between 7-25 who started out to, and continues to set their own agenda in terms of aims and activities. CYP has earned a deserved reputation for reaching young people other agencies fail to and engaging these young people (328 last year) in daily on-going activities that improves their health and well being.