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Rosemount Care Home


We would like to make our day lounge into a safer, brighter room where our residents can spend time socialising together.

Total received £2,635.89

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About the Project

If we are able to remove the old fireplace and furniture and replace the flooring with a more suitable non slip surface for wheelchairs and zimmer frames we will make our dull drab dayroom into a bright airy room where the residents will be able to maneuver safely independantly and have confidence to move around and participate in daily activities. We often have groups of children and entertainers in for the residents and space is limited, this venture will provide a better brighter environment for all.

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About the Charity

Rosemount is a care home opened as a non for profit charity 32 years ago by a local business man as people were being kept in hospital as there was a shortage of care homes. We have 16 residents in a large Victorian home which is constantly in need of renovation and refurbishment. We provide Daycare to give families a rest from looking after the tiring task of looking after their loved one. Residents come into the home and very quickly become one of the family and feel safe and secure knowing that they are loved and cared for 24 hours a day. We have a very varied social plan and the residents are kept physically and mentally stimulated to improve their quality of life. We not only care for our residents but support their families and encourage them to participate in activities.