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Moor Row Jubilee Club

Social Inclusion

The Jubilee Club helping the over 55 overcome loneliness by interacting within the community. Providing positive solutions.

Total received £3,748.28

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About the Project

The Club benefits the over 55's from Moor Row, Egremont, Cleator Moor, Keekle and St Bees, who are members. Some of whom don't get the opportunity to be involved in outdoor activities and excertions. Indirectly it will benefit local business who provide catering, Entertainers, Speakers and transport for our activities. Moor Row schools is a recipient of benefits in as much as the School children attend some meetings giving various performances from their curriculum from singing to concerts. All 64 members up to the age of 90 will be involved and it will also mean we can successfully run our club for the future to enable us to expand and facilitate the new younger elderley's who we hope to attract as new members

About the Charity

The Jubilee Club meet in Moor Row Working Men's Club every two weeks where people over the age of 55 can meet to be entertained, Socialize and make new friendships which will help combat loneliness, which will in turn enhance and enrich their lives