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Sherburn Hungate C P School - New Playground Markings

Education & Skills

We would like to update our playground markings so that our children can develop independent and social play at break time and lunchtime.

Total received £2,103.53

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About this cause

Our school is located in the large village of Sherburn in Elmet, located in a rural part of North Yorkshire. There are pockets of deprivation in the area and children enter Nursery with physical and communication skills below average for their age. Opportunities for outdoor learning and play have an important role in improving these skills and we recognise the need to improve the opportunities available for children to develop these skills. Many of our children are not as active as they should be and we want to reduce the risk of developing health problems associated with this. Childhood obesity levels in this area remain above the national average and we are strongly committed to encouraging exercise and activity from an early age to help overcome this.

How this cause brings people in the community together

We want to ensure the children in our village are given the opportunity to have a better start in life and we are committed to encouraging them to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle and learn new skills. The new playground markings will replace the existing markings which have worn away after many years of use and will be a valuable addition to the opportunities we can offer our children during the school day.