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Michael Sobell Hospice


We want to implement a new assessment tool for pain assessment/auditing in order to improve symptom management for our palliative patients.

Total received £3,975.80

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About the Project

Patients of all ages will benefit by a direct improvement in their pain levels & be more active as a result. Relatives will also benefit, being able to undertake activities with their loved one. It should also reduce length of hospice stay, enabling early discharge & freeing bed space for others. How? Retraining staff who have remit within pain management (inc Psychological support) , to use documentation & understand ideology behind the new tool & then audit outcomes. This would hopefully result in terminally ill patients being pain free at rest & moving on to pain free on mobilizing. The project needs a lead health professional (senior nurse) with service development/audit experience & will involve all of the MDT team for approx. 1 month, supported by the Head of Palliative Care.

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About the Charity

Michael Sobell Hospice provides care, comfort and support for local people facing life limiting illnesses. The Hospice is a special place, where patients and families can spend precious time together, on the Mount Vernon Hospital site. Our professional team offers medical, nursing and emotional care along with practical support for patients, their families and carers. Our aim is that every patient should experience a journey towards the end of their life that is peaceful, comfortable and free from worry and pain. Services provided include: Inpatient unit Day Centre Patient and Family support, including bereavement counselling Rehabilitation support Specialist palliative care education team