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Family Matters

Young People

We would like to support children who have been sexually abused by providing specialist therapy.

Total received £2,313.49

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About the Project

Our counselling is set up to help the client break the cycle of abuse, whilst we will also endeavor to reduce the feelings of suicide and self harm amongst survivors. Our therapy enables the suffering and distress experienced by childhood sexual abuse victims to be alleviated whilst enhancing their abilities to relate to others and re-establish themselves confidently back into their community. Family Matters offers one to one counselling sessions to victims. Clients are able to receive counselling sessions at any of our venues across the whole of Kent. Accessibility is vital to our project. Our counselors provide specialist counselling for 50 minute sessions for a period for up to 12 weeks per client.

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About the Charity

Family Matters is a registered Charity that provides a specialist counselling service for survivors of rape and sexual abuse. The service is for Adults and Children across the whole of Kent. Sexual abuse and rape can leave people with physical and mental scars that take time and understanding to work through. Our counselling practice is supported by qualified professionals who are trained across a wide range of issues and disciplines to help those affected address their fears and identify a clear pathway towards resolution and healing.