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The Langholm Alliance

Mental wellbeing

With mental health provision cut in our local schools – and at a time when young people arguably need more help than ever – we'd like to pay for a professional counsellor to cover the shortfall.

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About this cause

We're an umbrella organisation representing the community of Langholm's local groups and charities, and driving forward the town's action plan. With eight priority projects – namely improving health and social care; energy and infrastructure; opportunities for children and young people; tourism; heritage; arts and culture; sports and recreation; and economic development – we are committed to Langholm's future.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

As we emerge from the Covid crisis, there is increased uncertainty among young people about their future opportunities and their place in a post-pandemic world. We want to encourage our young people to open up about the issues facing them. Increased provision of mental health support naturally equates to increased awareness of mental health issues, which can only have a positive impact locally.