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Helensburgh Heroes

Art & Culture

We want to produce a book featuring '100 Helensburgh & Lomond Heroes' to tell the stories of many inspirational local men and women.

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About this cause

Helensburgh, like many Scottish towns, has been and still is home to many inspirational people who have stories to tell. We can use these tales of Inspiring Lives to inspire lives. By publicly celebrating their stories of achievement, courage, perseverance, and ultimately success, we have the perfect role models within our communities to empower every Scot to feel that they are of worth, and that they have valuable contributions to make in all walks of life. Over the past few years, Helensburgh Heroes has been developing a model that seeks to capture these achievements and use them as a catalyst to enthuse future generations to become citizens and creators and not simply customers and consumers. It intends to pilot the model in 2017 by opening Scotland’s first Heroes Centre in Helensburgh.

How this cause brings people in the community together

2017 is Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage & Archaeology and the 90th anniversary of John Logie Baird’s first long distance television transmission between London & Glasgow. To commemorate these two milestones the charity wishes to publish a book and produce associated educational materials for local schools which celebrates the lives of 100 inspirational local people. Each person featured in the book will be selected by the community (online and local press vote) and will include current ‘Heroes’ as well as those from the past. Working with a local author, the book will engender civic pride and inspire every member of the community to feel that they are of worth and that they have a valuable contribution to make. A ‘Heroes Day’ could be arranged with the Co Op to launch the book.