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Tiny Lives Trust

Mental wellbeing

We want to offer support to families through a peer-support programme, enabling every family to feel supported during their neonatal journey.

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About this cause

Having a baby that is born prematurely or sick is a truly world-shaking experience. We offer a safety net for parents who have entered a world completely out of their control. We supply items, funds, staff specialists and support to the babies and families at the RVI Neonatal Unit, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, helping to make the neonatal journey a little easier for parents, babies, siblings and family.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Peer support increases parents’ confidence and problem-solving ability. It assists with acceptance of their situation, reduces stress, anxiety and depression, and helps them learn how to advocate for their babies. Peer mentors offer comfort, understanding, and empathy. The opportunity to talk to someone who has “walked in their shoes” gives parents hope that they too can adapt and thrive.