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Stephens House and Gardens

Young People

We want to run outdoor sessions, including pond dipping, gardening clubs and forest activities, for young people and their families.

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About the Project

For urban communities, connection with green space has been found to reduce violence and crime, help with social interaction and increase community cohesion. Barnet is London’s 2nd largest borough by population density. This points to a high number of families with no access to private outdoor space. This is set to increase. There are obvious health benefits in the promotion of outdoor activities. Sedentary, indoor lifestyle is effecting children’s health. obesity has increased from 11% 1995 to almost 17% 2008 in boys, and 12% to 15% in girls. A 2012 National Trust survey, one in three children could not identify a magpie; yet nine out of ten could recognise a Dalek. We will get more people outdoors and see improved awareness of the importance and benefits of green spaces.

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About the Charity

Avenue House Estate Trust manages Stephens House & Gardens in the London Borough of Barnet for the enjoyment of all. The site is set in 10 acres of gardens which, is at present under a process of clearance and restoration. We have over 350,000 visitors a year to the grounds and are looking for new ways to engage with the whole community to utilise the enhanced features of the gardens. We aim to devise and run a sustainable programme of activities for school and community groups and families. These features will include a dipping pond, forest learning and wildlife areas, gardening and planting area, a sensory garden and a visitor/education centre. We wish to continue to draw in people, (particularly young people) to explore and engage with green space, ecology and biodiversity.