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Morpeth Riding for the Disabled

Mental wellbeing

Given the challenges of the last year we’d like to share the mental health benefits of being around ponies by encouraging people of all ages to interact in a hands-on way with our exceptional ponies.

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About this cause

We aim to enrich the lives of disabled children and adults with fun activities and interactions, helping develop skills, fitness and opportunities for achievement. We support people with physical and learning disabilities and autism, and there are no age restrictions. Our aim is to reach as many people as we can who need our services and support in the Northumberland county.

Morpeth Riding for the Disabled website

How this cause brings people in the community together

Having seen the emotional uplift in local people attending the centre - riders, cares and parents - I believe extending our reach to those who wouldn’t normally fit into the general RDA reach would provide great benefits. Interaction with our ponies improves physical wellbeing, reduces stress and anxiety, provides a connection to animals and nature, and encourages the building of relationships.