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People and the DALES (PaD)

Social Inclusion

We will provide fun, thought provoking day visits to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales for people from BME and deprived inner city communities.

Total received £1,445.52

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About the Project

During 2017/18 People and the DALES will run 25 activity days for 300 people to get out into the Yorkshire Dales to improve their physical & mental well-being through: • Experiencing the natural world (walks, visits & workshops) • Conservation skills (tree planting, woodland management, & lambing) Many in West Yorkshire experience multiple levels of deprivation & do not visit the countryside because of physical, financial, or cultural barriers. The Dales are an inspiring place & people are more likely to get active in a place such as this. Outdoor activity brings people together, encourages communication, fosters positivity, which in turn reduces mental health issues, & getting dementia. It is a cost effective way to exercise and have fun. Events will be run by People & the Dales staff.

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About the Charity

YDMT supports the environmental, social & economic well-being of the Yorkshire Dales. 'People and the DALES' works with deprived, and excluded individuals, from ethnic backgrounds, those with a disability or experiencing mental health problems. In the year 2017/18 we will deliver 25 activity events for 300 people to improve their physical & mental well-being through fun, thought provoking activities. Diverse groups will visit the countryside which will in turn become a more welcoming place for all. Many we work with have experienced real hardship, but are strong resilient people who have arrived in the UK against all odds. One asylum seeker said of a visit: ‘When I went to court to ask for asylum I felt ill, but I thought of the day in the Yorkshire Dales and it made me feel better.”