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NutureNature Healing Garden

Currently, not all parts of the garden are accessible for those with disabilities. We want to address this by widening, improving and/or replacing paths and steps in the garden.

Total received £4,140.75

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About this cause

NurtureNature is a charity established to create a healing garden for the local community. It is located in a 1.5-acre garden belonging to the chair of the charity and has been planted in keeping with good practice for therapeutic gardens. As well as providing a healing space, events such as mindfulness, crafting, creative writing, and gardening opportunities are run. Food growing is also undertaken.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

The healing garden will provide a therapeutic space that individuals with social isolation and/or physical and mental health problems (all likely consequences of Covid-19) can enjoy and share with other members of the community. Also, events such as mindfulness and creative writing workshops provide shared tools that can potentially be used to address such health issues.