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The Refugee Cafe

The Refugee Cafe will offer 8 weeks training in catering to 10 local refugees, with the aim of providing them with skills, experience, and accreditation, to act as a springboard for employment.

Total received £3,946.30

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About this cause

The Refugee Cafe is a new organisation aiming to advance the education and training of those granted refugee status, so as to advance them in life and assist them to adapt within a new community; and assisting in the relief of unemployment and financial hardship of those granted refugee status, by the provision of vocational skills training, advice, and support.

The Refugee Cafe website

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How this cause brings people in the community together

This project will help participants into mainstream jobs and build the confidence to develop their own events and enterprises, enabling them and their families to become financially stable and build social networks. The project will change the landscape, experience, and opportunities for all Lewisham residents by encouraging living wage employers, local commerce, and equality of opportunity.