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Filton Community Centre

Community Development

We want to refurbish FIlton Community Centre to make it a modern, sustainable facility the local community can be proud to use and support.

Total received £1,844.90

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About the Project

The refurbishments will help protect the future of the community centre, making it a sustainable resource that can support the community without constraints. At the moment we need to replace the suspended ceilings and equip the building with insulation and efficient lighting at the same time. While the suspended ceilings have been water damaged and urgently require replacing it would be a false economy to ignore these efficiency improvements that will drastically reduce the running costs of the building. This will help protect the future of the community centre by reducing the requirement for future price rises. This will benefit the whole community, and it will certainly offer some benefit to any of the thousands of people who make use of the centre every week.

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About the Charity

FCA manage and run the community centre in FIlton, Bristol. We formed in 1965 to oversee the planning and building of the centre and have kept it running to the best of our ability ever since, for the benefit of the local community. We are partnered with FACE, Filton Town Council, and St Andrews Methodist Church as part of the Elm Park Partnership to help co-ordinate improvements to the Elm Park area. Most recently this group replaced the signage around the area following a grant from South Glos Council. The community Centre also works with many local support groups and charities to support their continued local services, often with heavily subsidised hire charges that would not pay the bills. Many of these groups could not function at the commercial rates that would be required to exist.