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Bury St Edmunds CAP Debt Centre - Freedom Church


Help fund professional debt counselling services and support to provide free help for the poor to break their debt cycle.

Total received £1,896.90

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About the Project

FREE in-depth & personal service offering hope & help to all with spiralling debt empowering the poorest & most disadvantaged to help themselves, build confidence & be released from the debt-cycle through advice, education, effective budgeting & insolvency services. All this helps alleviate the effects of stress, anxiety & debt-related low self-esteem and helps clients pay bills, feed/clothe their children & manage their money well in the future. In 5 years we’ve engaged with >200 families to help them out of their debt trap and encouraged and supported 55 families to becoming 100% debt free, which has proven to be life transformational and saved lives. We partner with referral agencies, welfare organisations and churches to ensure the holistic & complex needs of clients are addressed.

About the Charity

Partner with Christians Against Poverty to run a Debt Centre in West Suffolk, offering FREE, personal & in-depth hope to the poorest so they can be released from debt through education, budgeting & insolvency services. Working with welfare agencies to meet the holistic/complex client needs. On-going support through debt management support to reduce effects of stress, anxiety & debt-related low self-esteem. We give effective budgeting advice so clients can pay bills & not fear bailiffs. Debt-help builds clients' confidence/self-esteem so they can again feed/clothe their kids, break debt-cycle & manage money well into the future. In 5 years we’ve helped 250 families out of their debt situations & encouraged/supported 55 families to 100% debt-free which has been life transformational.