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Barnsley Brass


We want to promote wellbeing in the community, with an emphasis on those in palliative and mental care in hospices and care homes, through live music sessions.

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About this cause

Barnsley Brass is a traditional community-based brass band, presenting concerts around South and West Yorkshire. Here, a strong affinity remains for former colliery brass bands. We enhance the local community through opportunities for young players to continue with their musical talents beyond school years, through performances within the community, and through excellence in performance.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

During Coronavirus, an element of community cohesion has been lost as bands cannot rehearse and concerts are cancelled. The isolation of vulnerable people has also been clear to see. The programme to kickstart live music in the community enriches life for those in palliative or mental health care and for their families, brings communities together and has a positive impact on community wellbeing.