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Weybridge Beekeepers

We want to establish a permanent teaching apiary to offer courses for beginners and improve beekeepers, provide premises for beekeeping activities, and reach out to schools and the wider community.

Total received £1,216.39

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About this cause

Weybridge Beekeepers is the branch of Surrey Beekeepers Association covering NW Surrey. We run courses for new beekeepers, offering ongoing help and support in a social context. Bees are vital to the environment and are facing increasing threats, so encouraging this occupation brings benefits to everyone. We have many retired members, and also provide for low income membership.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

At present we are unable to offer the range of educational and social activities we would like. We plan to invite school groups as well as offering talks and exhibitions to the public. As it is, many of our members are retired, and beekeeping offers a focus for those who might become isolated or suffer poor mental health. We have provision to subsidise course fees for those on low incomes.