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Sarah Kinsley Fund

Young People

We rely on donations for local children with special needs – your help means we don't have to say 'no' to equipment or services they need.

Total received £5,010.92

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About the Project

The Sarah Kinsley Fund committee comprises eight individuals who raise money and, along with four Trustees, give their time, expertise and effort to help children who cannot get the help they need from the NHS or other statutory bodies. With recent Government cuts, the requests we receive from healthcare professionals is increasing both in frequency and the amount needed for goods and services. We cover 22 schools and 5 GP surgeries and we are very proud to have helped many children from 0-19 years in our catchment area of Ringwood,Fordingbridge, Cranborne, Alderholt and Downton. We are a local charity for local children and we have had over 400 requests since we started raising funds. Like the Coop, SKF shares the same ethical values in caring for others...our project has no end date.

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About the Charity

The Sarah Kinsley Fund can assist with the purchase of special equipment or services that are not available from the National Health Service nor any other statutory body. It covers the area of Fordingbridge, Ringwood, Cranborne,Downton, Alderholt and surrounding villages. The charity was founded in the late 1970s by a group of friends who wanted to raise money to support a teenager, Sarah Kinsley. Sadly, Sarah died, but the charity continues to provide a permanent source of help for children and young adults with special needs (aged 0-19y). Referrals are made by Health Care Professionals or qualified workers in Education or Social Services. The charity is run by volunteers and is non-profit making, with very small overheads. Money is raised by contributions and charity events