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Three Rivers Citizens Advice Bureau

Social Inclusion

We want to buy new computers to speed up our service to the public and enable us to see more clients more quickly.

Total received £3,309.75

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About the Project

We want to install new computers at our 3 CABs in our Three Rivers district, to enable us to access the advice our clients seek more quickly and effectively. This will mean overall that we'll be able to see more clients during the same number of opening hours, which will help ease the pressure on our volunteer advisers. With the introduction of universal credit and the current housing shortage, we have seen an increase of 9% in our client issues over the past year, as life becomes more difficult for local residents. The new computers will help to resolve this problem, as we will be able to help more clients to resolve their issues more quickly.

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About the Charity

Our CABs helps members of the public to resolve their problems-whatever they may be, to enable them to move on with their lives. We resolve debt issues, either by writing debts off in certain circumstances, or by arranging pro rata repayments with creditors. We help with housing issues, rent arrears and represent in court on housing repossession days. Our CABs operate in 3 areas of the Three Rivers district in Herts-Abbots Langley, South Oxhey and Rickmansworth. We seek to improve the quality of life off all who seek our help. Last year we gained over £1,000,000 in extra income for our local residents, enabling them to afford to put the heating on, thereby keeping healthier and reducing hospital admissions, plus enabling clients to pay the rent and thus keep a roof over their head.