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Radio Royal

Art & Culture

Our equipment is old. We need funding to move from analogue to modern digital equipment, which will make broadcasting more reliable.

Total received £3,470.98

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About the Project

Members benefit as their time investment can focus on interactions (in person/on the radio) with patients, staff and visitors, helping them to gain confidence and learn new skills. Patients benefit as their access to our service will be unbroken e.g. requests collected from patients/family can be broadcast at the times they expect to hear them. Radio Royal is full of local people who work hard to shape the station into one that is effective, useful and representative of Forth Valley Royal Hospital and the community. Currently, we have 53 members. Older/ disabled/vulnerable/isolated members are supported to continue broadcasting e.g. One member acquired a brain injury, we developed a more intense 1:1 training experience for him to meet his goal of presenting programmes on the air.

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About the Charity

We're Forth Valley's hospital broadcasting service. Entertaining/informing the patients/friends/families/ staff/visitors. We create a learning space for people interested in broadcasting, providing additional support for disabled/vulnerable members to maintain their volunteering work. We maintain close contact with listeners/support health promotion/broadcast public service information/give community groups a platform. We are online at allowing wider community access. Younger/vulnerable members can learn from experienced members. An extensive training programme for anyone interested in broadcasting helps members learn all they need to know. We help members learn new skills/develop existing skills and provide extra support for people with additional needs.