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People United


We will run art workshops to help young people develop emotional and social skills such as empathy and tolerance, supporting them to build resilience and navigate a changed world following Covid-19.

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About this cause

People United uses arts-based activities to develop and increase social and emotional skills in children and young people, such as kindness, empathy, and tolerance. Our vision is of a thriving creative society where people are kind to themselves, each other and the world. We bring communities together to look after, care for and better understand each other, which in turn builds their resilience.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Creative activities bring people together. They are empowering- helping children and young people to explore and practice empathy, understand themselves and each other, and build personal and group resilience. We will help young people across East Kent to navigate a changing world. Activities include art and kindness workshops, and the co-creation of new artworks to share with their community.