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Takiwatanga Support Services

We'd like to buy equipment and run woodland activity sessions for autistic children to help build their self-confidence, reduce their anxiety and isolation, and help them to make friends.

Total received £3,852.34

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About this cause

'Takiwatanga' is the Maori word for autism; it means: 'In his/her own time and space'. Around 70% of autistic children suffer from anxiety and many struggle to access school and society in general. We provide activity sessions for these children, centred around providing a calm environment, which enables them to make friends and learn social skills. We also run groups to support parents and provide advice.

Takiwatanga Support Services website

How this cause brings people in the community together

Many autistic children have withdrawn totally from society during the pandemic. It will be an immense struggle for them to return to the outside world. We will help them make a gentle transition back into society, help build their confidence and re-teach them social skills, so they are no longer isolated from their communities and friends. Their families will also benefit from our support.