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Bingley Community Kitchen

We'll provide meals and emergency food parcels for families in need during school holiday periods, when children don't receive free school meals.

Total received £2,657.67

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About this cause

Bingley Community Kitchen began with a desire to help needy families to eat nutritious meals through the ‘Cook and Eat’ sessions organised during the Summer Holidays. It is now developing into a space where families on a low income can learn and explore the world of food as well as find meals that are quick, easy and healthy. Currently, the Community Kitchen provides healthy food parcels for needy families whenever these are required, during school holiday and, in particular, for Christmas.

How this cause brings people in the community together

During the initial Covid-19 lockdown, identified families received 1000 meals. The meals have been sponsored and cooked by volunteers from local groups, churches and friends within the community. A parent informed our volunteers: “We usually receive help from my family by visiting grandparents a couple of times every week and eating there - it hasn’t been allowed, that is why I needed help."