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CoDa Dance

We would deliver weekly dance-as-physio workshops in the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability for people with Acquired Brain Injury, increasing social connection, mobility and confidence.

Total received £2,306.47

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About this cause

CoDa has a history of making exciting dance happen in unusual places. Since 2013 we have created professional dance shows in non-theatre spaces and supported communities to make works about their local areas. Our aim is to tell real life differently. We specialise in dance as a physiotherapy tool for people with neurological disabilities, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Acquired Brain Injury.

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How this cause brings people in the community together

Patients within the hospital are shielding and haven't seen their families since lockdown began. They are highly vulnerable to the disease and the only way to give them connections to the outside world is through online delivery. We strive to give people joyful and meaningful experiences that inspire creativity and curiosity. People leave our sessions feeling more mobile and connected to others.